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Register for online banking

Begin your online banking with HSBC in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Register

Before you begin, you will need your HSBC:

  • ATM card and 6-Digits PIN code
  • Credit card and 6-Digits PIN Code

Step 2: Collect security device

To enjoy the full range of HSBC online banking services, you will need your security device. You can collect it from your nearest HSBC branch for free. Alternatively, you may request for the security device to be couriered to you at one of our branches. If you are newly registered to our Online banking, a new security will be sent to your mailing address via registered post for free.

Step 3: Activate security device

Once you have registered for online banking and received the security device, you will be prompted for ‘Security Device Activation Setup’ upon first log on.

As your Security Device provides extra security, when you log on to online banking with it you have access to all features.